Argentina: Don’t Cry For Me!

Brazil ended up being a really intense part of my travels as there were so many things to see plus with the huge amount of festivities going on leading up to Carnaval. That’s why I was glad to be hitting up Argentina as it was a much more relaxed part of my trip. After a few days in Buenos Aires, the rest of my time in Argentina was spent with my brother and his family in Rosario and Cordoba. He and his wife also have taken time off from work and are travelling with their kids. With how it panned out, I didn’t go out to see much beyond my time in Buenos Aires and one day in Cordoba so this will be a shorter post.

My itinerary ended up looking like this:

  • March 6th: Landed in Buenos Aires and caught an Uber to my AirBnB. In some countries, including Argentina, Uber is no legal yet so pick up points are set at certain points throughout the city. Also, to help out the drivers, sit in the passenger side and act like a friend as it is known that Taxi drivers may cause some problems.
  • March 7th: Headed out for the day to explore the city. First stop was the Historical National Museum. After, I hiked up to the Museums of Modern Art as well as the Contemporary Art Museum beside it. The Modern Art one is definitely much more interesting and worth it. I ended up eating dinner at a place recommended by my brother – Santos Manjares. The steak was absolutely fantastic and for the price one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. If I had to choose, I’d say Argentina beats Brazil on steaks. Ended the night with a highly creative and amazing tango show at Teatro Piazzolla.
  • March 8th: Had a massive brunch at Confiteria London City. Waddled it off by hiking up to the bus station to buy my ticket for the next day to Rosario. Spent the afternoon wandering downtown and ended up in a massive protest. Thing is, apparently protests are a regular thing and end up being like festivals with food vendors popping up everywhere along the protest parade route.
  • March 9th: Headed to Rosario and met up with the family! They were staying a bit outside the city in a nice house via AirBnB that had a large backyard with a pool.
  • March 10th-11th: Spent time with family in Rosario.
  • March 12th: We all hopped into the rental car and headed to Cordoba! The AirBnB house we stayed out at was in a small city called Villa Carlos Paz and was nice except for the mosquitoes. Was like a battle zone but by the next day we had cleared out pretty much all of them.
  • March 13th: Hanging out in Villa Carlos Paz.
  • March 14th: I hopped a bus to Cordoba to explore for the day. Wandered through downtown and managed to check out a church and a museum as well as a movie (Captain Marvel!)
  • March 15th: Last day with my brother and his family.
  • March 16th: Caught a flight back to Buenos Aires. Turns out it was to the airport on the complete other side of the city (Aeroparque Internacional Jorge Newbery) from where I wanted to be so I had to grab a pretty expensive Uber ride to near the airport (Ezeiza International Airport) where I was staying. The AirBnB I stayed at was a very nice bed and breakfast that just recently started using AirBnB and I highly recommend them for being near the airport and providing reasonably priced shuttle service.
  • March 17th: Headed out of Argentina on my way to Peru!

There’s only a couple lodgings that I can discuss as most of the rest of the time was with my brother and his family.

The first place I stayed in was in Buenos Aires was in the Monserrat district which is pretty much in the center of everything. Convenience stores and restaurants abound. Metro and bus stops everywhere. The apartment was fantastic and had everything I needed.


After the week with my brother and his family, the one night I spent near Ezezia Airport was at small bed and breakfast place. It’s a very quiet area with a couple restaurants and a convenience store 5 minutes walk away. If you’re there on a Sunday, make sure to have cash for the restaurants/store. The host was very personable and helpful. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the place, but it’s a cozy small single bedded room with an attached bathroom. The toilet placement was pretty cramped but the shower and rest of the bathroom was roomy enough.

Overall I enjoyed myself in Argentina and it is definitely a country I plan to revisit as there is much more I want to explore.

And now… random photos!

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