The Mercurial Itinerary

One of the biggest challenges I have faced while planning this trip is the changing priorities and new found events/festivals that I learn about while doing my research. My general itinerary has remained pretty much the same since I started, but where I’ll be and when has shifted as well as dropping one major destination (Nepal) and adding another (Morocco). While even just 3 weeks out from the start of my trip, I’m still finessing the first 3 months while also locking in major chunks beyond that. However, I can say with relative confidence that what is listed below is much more in tune with what I’ll be doing.

  • April-Mid June (Europe)
    • London
    • Paris
    • Lisbon
    • Madrid
    • Morocco
    • Gibraltar
    • Granada
    • Barcelona
    • Marseille
    • Nice
    • Monaco
    • Genoa/Pisa/Florence
    • Venice
    • Naples
    • Rome
    • Serbia
    • Croatia
    • Greece
  • Mid June-End June
    • UAE
    • Beijing (144 hr layover visa free)
  • July/August/Mid September
    • Japan
  • Mid September-End October
    • South Korea
    • Vietnam
    • Japan
  • November-Late December
    • Hong Kong
    • Guangzhou (144 hr layover visa free – not yet available, but soon!)
    • Thailand
    • Singapore
    • Taiwan
    • Malaysia
  • Xmas-Late January
    • Japan
    • Shanghai¬†(144 hr layover visa free)
  • Late January-End February
    • Singapore/HK/Taiwan (Chinese New Year – still to decide which)
    • Tahiti
    • Easter Island
  • March
    • Brazil
    • Argentina
    • Chile
  • April
    • Peru
    • Ecuador
    • Panama


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