The Final Stage

Finally booked my flight out to Europe! My first stop on my new itinerary (more details to come in the next few days) is London, England. I used Aeroplan points on a fixed rate to get a great deal on a Business Class red-eye flight from Montreal. Why Montreal? As many of you know, I live near Toronto. However, I’ll be down in Boston for the Easter weekend to help out at an event. This allowed me the flexibility of deciding which of 3 cities I’d like to fly out of – Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal. The timing of the Toronto flights didn’t quite work out and the flight to Ottawa from Boston only had Economy seats. That left Montreal and I’ve heard great things about Montreal’s International Maple Leaf lounge, so I wanted to check it out.

I’m looking forward to spending a few days in London before hopping over to main-land Europe. I haven’t decided if I want to start in Amsterdam or in Paris, but I have time to figure that out especially since I have the flexibility of train travel. I’ll post in the near future about how I decided to travel across Europe, but suffice it to say, there are many great options!

My gear list has been slowly being completed with items arriving in the last couple of weeks. I will do another test pack to see how well my plan to do only carry-on is going. Look forward to a discussion on my current gear and some challenges I’ve found along the way!

Also, in the next few weeks, there may be some changes to the design of this website. I’ll be simplifying layouts and probably removing native comment capabilities (100% of submitted comments being spam!)

I can definitely say I’m getting excited – as excited as folks know me to get which is not very visible, but trust me, it’s there! Of course I’m somewhat nervous as well. While I have definitely had my fair share of international travel, going away for 13 months over such a range of countries will not be easy, especially for an individual of my size. Part of my blogging will include what I have encountered in both challenges and interactions while I travel. Hopefully, this will be helpful to those that read my blog and face the same issues I do.

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2 thoughts on “The Final Stage

  • Mike Matejcic

    An amazing website. Thanks for forwarding me the link. You certainly have a passion for travel and adventure. Excellent planning for the trip of a lifetime. Good Luck.

  • Your site is fantastic, Victor! You certainly have a skill for writing.

    I am soo excited to follow along on your journey…perhaps almost as excited as you must be to begin this adventure!

    Thank you for sharing your site info. I’m looking forward to following/reading along.

    Safe & happy travels!

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