The Final Countdown

So it’s finally here after 4 long years in planning. I left work one last time and I won’t see that sign at the main entrance until May of next year. I also said goodbye to my long time reliable companion, the 2007 Honda Civic that I got when I started my career over ten years ago.

Right now I don’t feel anything but tired – so many last minute items, that I feel that I was too distracted to really fathom what I’m about to embark on. Got the rest of my medication, purchased travel insurance (World Nomads – seems to be the best deal at sub $1000 CDN!), sold my car, and booked lodgings and travel until early May (when I hit Italy).

However, after a couple weeks of goodbyes, well wishes, a drink or three, and one last dinner with the entire family together, tomorrow when I wake up, I finish packing my small pack (the large one is all ready to go!) and hop on the bus down to Pearson airport to start my adventure. It’ll definitely be an adventure because there will be the good with the bad like anyone’s life. In this case though, it’ll be while I’m out discovering other cultures.

I’ll start posting about my travels when I hit London next week (I’ll be down in Boston this Easter Weekend) including thoughts on the London Pass, if I succeed or not on my crazy itinerary, and if they truly have the best fish & chips.┬áSo with that, time to shut down this laptop and head to sleep as time waits on no one.


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